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About Me

I am a successful business owner who's worked and lived in the tri-cities for over 20-years. 

This community is my livelihood, my home.


I've been the backbone of the administrative and financial departments of my company, maintained a house, raised 2 boys, volunteered and fundraised at schools and managed minor hockey teams. Needless to say I'm an extremely detail oriented person accustomed to juggling tasks.  Maintaining balance and prosperity in family and business takes tremendous organization, patience, compassion and perseverance.  I don't crumble under pressure and in fact thrive when presented with a challenge.  I'm incredibly resourceful with a "never give up" attitude and am proud to say I'm persuasively persistent.   I'm flexible, prepared to shift in an instant and work with a soft but firm approach.  My glass half full attitude can be contagious so expect to be positive in my presence.

As a mature salesperson, I've acquired skills that aren't taught in the classroom.  I know that effective negotiation doesn't mandate a win/lose outcome; there does not need to be a "bad guy".   "Kill 'em with Kindness" as you'll always get more bees with honey than vinegar.

Aside from working and raising a family, my hobbies are golfing, baking, walking local trails, doing home DIY projects, yoga and spending quality time with the people close to me.  


My purpose is to share my knowledge and experience with you from start to finish as I aim to become your trusted professional serving all your real estate needs for life. 

You, my clients, my friends.

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