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Buyers checklist

Before considering a home purchase, a well-overlooked first step is to know exactly what you can afford.  If you don't already have your financials in order, I can recommend a few local brokerages to help wth the process of getting you pre-approved.  Once qualified, the house hunting can begin.  

Your agent must have the expertise to guide you through the legal contracts as well as knowledge and connections to put you in touch with lenders, appropriate bylaw officials, inspectors, etc.  I'm not a "sign here" gal.  I take time to explain every step of the process.

When you have a spending budget and timeline confirmed, it's not only about the countertop and flashy appliances, the pretty garden or man-cave garage.  Before browsing listings, reflect on whats of value to you: 


  • How large does the house need to be?

  • Are we a growing family - or downsizing retirees?

  • Planning a future addition or renovation?

  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms required?

  • Large yard or no yard?

  • Children or Pets?

  • Number of Parking spaces needed?

  • Location in relation to public transit, schools, shopping and other amenities.

  • Rural / semi?

  • Are there any easements or restrictions?

  • Strata or gated community?

  • Restrictions with regards to physical limitations or disabilities?

  • Stairs or no?

  • Looking for the forever home, or a short term fixer-upper?

So many "must haves" that tend to get overlooked when caught up in the excitement of house-hunting.  

I don't ever want my clients feeling buyers remorse or making uneducated decisions.  It's imperative that your buying agent knows you and your unique needs before beginning the process of helping you to find your new home.

These are just a few things I take the time to discuss when first working with you to determine the type of house that will be the best for you and save you time from viewing houses that don’t meet your personal criteria. 

Buyers: Resources and Tips
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